Competitive strenghts

  1. the largest portfolio of references among the Russian engineering companies;

  2. core competences and expertise, allowing to carry out projects in a short time and with the demanded quality;

  3. long-term business relations with the largest Russian and foreign manufacturers of the equipment and consumables, design and engineering companies;

  4. experience working in difficult geopolitical conditions;

  5. wide experience working with foreign customers, extensive practice in setting of international consortiums and working as a part of them;

  6. expertise in financing and implementation of projects on BOO basis;

  7. knowledge of the international standarda in power construction, design features and operational performances of the key global manufacturers' power equipment;

  8. quality management system for meeting quality requirements of ISO 9001:2008 in the field of management of power projects construction, modernization, reconstruction and maintenance of thermal, gasturbine, diesel, hydraulic power plants, power transmission lines, substations and other power facilities.
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