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Today - Technopromexport continues performing Russian and foreign power projects and devolops new areas of business, among which are "turn-key" construction of facilities for electrical grids and facilities for oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.

2012 year - Completion of 450 MW CCGT unit construction at Urengoyskaya PP located in Yamal-Nenets autonomous district. Technopromexport continues executing the Russian power projects within Generators' investment programs under Capacity Delivery Agreements. Also, Technopromexport is carrying out foreign projects in Belarussia, Afganistan, Algeria, India, Angola and other countries.

2011 year - Technopromexport actively participates in projects implementation provided by investment programs of generation companies established as a result of RAO UES - reform, among which: construction of the combined-cycle power-generating unit of the Urengoyskaya PP, constraction of two coal-fired units of the Cherepetskaya PP, and the new CCGT-400 MW power unit of the Nizhnevartovskaya PP etc.

2010 year - Technopromexport put into operation new steamgas power-generating unit of Yuzhnaya TPP-22 in St. Petersburg and the second power-generating unit of the Kaliningradskaya TPP-2. The implementation of thouse projects resulted in exeeding the Technopromexport stocks of orders up to 2,6 billion dollars.

2007 year - Technopromexport became the generating company, having realized the first project in Russia under ВОО (Build, Own, Operate) scheme — construction of Mezhdunarodnaya TPP in the centre of Moscow. The station built on the basis of a supercharged boiler cycle, became the model of compact arrangement in the conditions of dense urban development and conformity to strict environmental requirements.

2002 year - the Company commissioned the geothermal power plant in Kamchatka – the Mutnovskaya GeoTPP.

2000s - the Company plays a leading role in the Russian market. All significant projects in power engineering sector in those years, among them, construction of two units of North-West TPP, the second unit of the Kaliningrad TPP, and the Ivanovo CCGT, were implemented with participation of Technorpomexport.

1993 year - Technopromexport entered the Russian market, and started a "turn-key" construction of 2 units of the North-West TPP in St. Petersburg. Implementation of the North-West TPP project made it possible for the Russian industry to launch production of the equipment for the combined-cycle power plants.

1990 year - the volume of exported electricity under contracts of Technopromexport attains 2 billion dollars annually. Sales geography: Norway, Finland, Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

1980s - the Company has completed projects almost in all regions of the world: the Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Technopromexport comes back into the market of China. The Company carried out construction of 5 power plants with units of 300 MW, 500 MW, 800 MW working under supercritical steam parameters. At that time, Technopromexport operated as a general contractor  in the construction of the Jijel TPP in Algeria, where it was using the latest technological solutions.

1976 year - for the first time the Company acted as the organizer of the international consortium for implementation of Keratsini TPP construction project in Greece.

1970s - the first win of the Сompany in open competition on "turn-key" construction of Nadzhibiya TPP in Iraq. In the same timeframe, the Company was working on the implementation of one of the most important projects for the economy of Vietnam - the Hoa Binh hidroelectric power plant in the mountainous areas of Vietnam with the turbine hall built directly in the rock. More than 15 km of tunnels have been passed in hard rocks with tunneling equipment for project.

1969 year - the Company started the construction of the first "turn-key" power facility  – the Dokan HPP in Iraq. Later on, Technopromexport received orders for design work, supply of comlete set of the power engineering equipment, and construction of large-scale thermal and hydroelectric power plants, transmission lines, and substations on a "tuen-key" basis from Latin America, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Algeria.

Since early 1960s, in addition to being involved in the construction business, Technopromexport started to export electricity. The countries importing Russian energy were Norway, Finland, Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.

In the end of 1950s - the Company entered the Middle East market and built a number of facilities including hydroelectric complex on the river Araks (Iran), the ambitious Aswan hydropower complex (Egypt), and the Euphrates hydroelectric project (Syria). The Aswan hydropower complex with capacity 2100 MW, on the river Nile, has become a unique facility: 110-meter high fill dam, 180-meter deep grout curtain, and 550-kilometer long artificial lake.

1955 - 1965 - for this decade, under technical assistance of Technopromexport, more then 2900 MW of electric power in Poland, more than 520 MW in Bulgaria and about 800 MW in other countries of Eastern Europe were putted into operation.

1955 year - the Government of the Soviet Union set up Technopromexport, which was originally oriented only to providing assistance to foreign countries in construction of the power engineering facilities under the government-to-government bilateral cooperative agreements. This was the year when the Compony history began - the history, which impresses us with the scale of the implemented projects, their innovative technological solutions, and the broadest geography of operations.

By mid 1950s, a unique unified energy system was organized in the Soviet Union. After implementation of the world's first general power engineering development plan, all the sectors of the national economy were provided with new energy capabilities. The technological breakthrough, which happened in the country during those years, has created a huge reserve for the national economy, while steadily developing power engeneering has made it possible for the country to quickly emerge after the war to a new stage of development.

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