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General DirectorSergey A. Topor-Gilka - operative management of the Company for providing its competitiveness, strength and stable financial and economic status.

Deputy General Director for Construction Аnatoliy S. Petrunin - organization of contract execution and coordination of activity of construction management in Russia and abroad.

Deputy General Director for DevelopmentSergey Z. Abutidze - development of new directions of Company business, definition of priority markets and promising projects. Coordination of activity of the Company’s representative offices in Russia and abroad.

Deputy General Director for Oil & Gas projects  — Nikolay A. Kargaltsev - coordinating control of the construction contracts implementation in oil & gas sector.

Chief Engineer — Lev V. Serikov - project engineering support.

Deputy General Director for Finance and Economy — Elena N. Stepanova - development of economic, financial and investment policy of company.

Deputy General Director for Legal and Corporate AffairsDmitriy G. Bagnyuk - management philosophy establishing, control of corporate and legislative environment of the company, and management of the Company's function units.

Director for Commerce Georgy V. Avdiyskiy - formation of Company’s policy in the field of pricing in on-going projects.

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