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Thermal power plants

Barh TPP

Currently, Technopromexport carries out construction of the “boiler island” – the first phase of the TPP “Barh” – with general installed capacity of 1980 MW (3 power-generating units х 660 MW each).

Power-generating units of the TPP “Barh” are equipped with the state-of-the-art automatic process control system produced by US company Emerson.

For the power plants with power-generating units of 800 MW using bituminous coal as the main fuel, the steam generator, type Пп-2650-25-545, with supercritical pressure, direct-flow, gas-tight, balanced-draft, steam reheating, single-body, T-configuration is installed. The machine bay accommodates the condensing steam turbine with a turbine generator.

The condensing steam turbine, type K-800-240-5, (the latest modification of turbine K-800-240), developed and manufactured by power machinebuilding concern “Power Machines”, is a fivecylinder, one-shaft turbine with steam reheating and six exhausts in two longitudinal condensers. The size of the power house bay is 54 х 72 m. The long experience of operation of similar turbines under variable load conditions has demonstrated their unique reliability and maneuverability. On the customer’s order, additional uncontrolled steam extraction can be provided for the power plant’s own needs from the turbine regenerative extraction.

The power generating unit of 800 MW includes the TBB-800-2Е turbine generator with direct hydrogen cooling of the rotor winding and water cooling of the stator windings, and active power of 800 MW. The generator has an independent thyristor excitation system.

The three-phase transformer, capacity 1000 MW, type ТНЦ 1000000/500, is installed with each turbine-generator set. The house transformers are provided for installation to satisfy the power plant’s own needs.

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