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Sisak - 3 TPP

“Sisak” TPP is put in operation by Technopromexport in 1976. The plant consists of two units of traditional cycle of oil fired with capacity of 210 MW.

Construction of 3rd unit of “Sisak” TPP was launched by Technopromexport in 2007.The new power-generating unit, on the basis of supercharged boiler cycle of capacity of 230 MW will increase electric plant capacity up to 640 MW and will add delivery of 50 Gkal/hour of thermal energy. It is one of the first projects of construction of steamgas power-generating units of similar capacity executed by the Russian companies. At the same time, CCGT over power range 200–25 0MW is already proven solution in world practice of construction of power facilities.

The plant is characterized with compactness of the main technological and auxiliary equipment arrangement. The design of the main building provides also disposing premises of hardware and software complex, main control unit, engineer stations and offices within it.

The advanced distributed control system, local monitor and control systems of the main equipment of the plant designed and delivered by JSC “Interautomatika” will be installed on the power-generating unit. The full information on a course of process, condition of the equipment, monitor and control systems in the most convenient form will be provided for the Operator who is carrying out monitor and control of all equipment.

Ecological requirements to plant operation meet the most stringent specifications applied in the European Union. The unit is designed for seismic activity of 8 points on MSK-64 scale. Direct cooling system from Sava river will be used for cooling system of power-generating unit.

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