Social Responsibility

One of the highest priority problems facing Technopromexport is maintenance of health and professional longevity and also rise of social security of employees.

According to current Collective agreement, social policy of the Company is realized in the following directions:

  1. guaranteeing of personal and working environment safety for employees;
  2. preservation of health of employees;
  3. improvement of social conditions for various subgroups of employees (being in maternity leave, pensioners, etc.);
  4. to ensure decent standarts of living after retirement.

In order to improve health care, the workers are provided with voluntary health insurance (VHI) and have an oppotunity of recieving medical care at the best medical establishments  in Moscow. As part of the VHI, annual influenza vaccinations are perfomed. In addition to that, the employees have voluntary life insurance. The collective labor agreement provides for various types of financial assistance including material support to young families at marriage, and birth of children.

Technopromexport implements the problem of non-state pension schemes aimed at forming additional pension saving and maintaining decent living standarts of workers after they reach a retirement age. Employees who have retired from the company after reaching the retirement age are provided with medical care under voluntary health insurance, and this category of professional is also entitled to financial assistance.

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